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Otto’s Purr-Purr-Perfect Online Dating Profile!!!

June 5, 2007

Four Kitty Stars!Otto is one lonely kitty “full of love with no place to put it.”  He is also one clever kitty, superimposing images of toy rats on strangers in order to gain the love and affection that all those Manhattan strays long for.  Submitted by BrooklynFeralCat, Otto has two purr-fect video-valentines:  one in English, one in Russian.  Both videos reach out to strangers who might appreciate his feral and unkempt kitty-manners.  Today’s review features Otto’s English version of Valentine For Perfect Strangers, which earns him four kitty stars!  Hopefully he’ll cheer up from the critical acclaim. 

KingBongKundy says:  “it’s a cat-ass trophy.”  Love the pun, KingBongKundy, but try commenting without the profanities next time!!

nothingtodowith comments:  “Otto makes me melancholy. So much love, no where to put it. Come curl up in my lap, Otto, and we will watch Perfect Strangers together.”  Maybe you need your own video-valentine, loser!

tripleh091105 remarks:  “I don’t know what this video means.”  I don’t think tripleh091105 understands anything about the simplicity of cute kitties!!!