“Talk With Tibb” leaves me speechless!!!

2 Kitty Stars!!!Talk With Tibb is a cute kitty flick submitted by kenseahorse, whose videos include Tibb in a Bag, Chin Up Tibb, There Are Crickets Chirping, and Cat Cat Cat.  All of her videos feature her beautiful tabby Tibb, that rascal Bosco the Terrier, and/or a nameless black kitty that struts her stuff in Watering Miles.  While all the names of kenseahorses videos are clever, don’t be fooled!!!  At tops these cute kitty flicks deserve 2 Kitty Stars, including today’s review.

Talk With Tibb is cute.  The only reason being:  Tibb is naturally charismatic in front of the camera (heck, all cats are!).  kenseahorse doesn’t seem to have the camera skills or the chitter-chatter down pat enough to earn this vid 3 or even 4 Kitty Stars.  Those are reserved for THE CUTEST KITTY FLICKS ON THE WEB!!!  Here’s what some of the other viewers think:

Sodomatriach comments:  “the cutest thing ever!!!  what breed is it?”  Good question.  It looks like an American Shorthair to me!

coldwarkids91 adds:  “APPEAR!!it will be a little scary at first but its cool!!!”  Huh?  I think you’re in the wrong comment box, coldwarkids91!

hobocouture says:  “that looks exactly like my cat. makes me wonder what ever happened to his brother and sisters… had to give them away… :(”  Yeah, I know how  you feel.  Here at Cat Call!!!  we like to say, if you love your kitties, set them free.


3 Responses to ““Talk With Tibb” leaves me speechless!!!”

  1. stghm Says:

    This is a music video

  2. Dave Says:

    Hey, it ain’t THAT bad of a video. Although, kenseahorse does leave a little to be desired with her camera.

  3. kenseahorse Says:

    Hey now, this is kenzie for real. I just want you to know that I have a new camera now, but no videos have been taken with it yet. I think my cats are the cats meow.

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