Who is Steve Ibsen?

Four Kitty Stars!Kayla loves to dance!!  Steve Ibsen of Washington has received acclaim from folks all over the world who can’t stop shakin’ their paws to the Kitty Cat Dance.  The dancin’ duo gets four Kitty Stars for this adorable tabby who loves to strut her stuff!.  Way to go, Kayla!

 For today’s comments we’re showing bonus cute kitty klips of cat lovers who love Kayla and her “ppuurrraavocative posing.”  As you can see, these fans get four kitty stars for a great effort, but that’s about it (lol!):


Cat lover Stalzz is a youtube user who describes himself as “A goofy guy who is a lonley old fart!”  Here’s his take on Steve Ibsen’s film:


Almostzero is a real kook!  In his version of the dance, he thinks he’s the cat!


Not even I can resist the call of the Kitty Kat Dance!! 



One Response to “Who is Steve Ibsen?”

  1. greenlard Says:

    dear god.

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