Jeremiah Christopher is a Bad Man

One Kitty Star!!!Jeremiah Christopher gets only one Kitty Star for his youtube video, The Katt Chase!!  Not only is he abusing our furry friend Jaspar by chasing him around the house, but he threatens his with scary, raspy panting and bell ringing!  Listen up, Jeremiah, we here at Cat Call!!  don’t feel it’s good entertainment to show us cute kitty flicks at our kitty’s expense.  Listen now and listen good:  LEAVE JASPAR BE!!  YOU’RE BEING MEAN! 

You can find my comment to him on his site.  I will not stand for the abuse of that poor, scared cat.  Here’s what our friends on youtube have to say:

carocatho comments:  “Okay, you got me.. I’m a Jaspar fan now! :):D”  Yeah, I’m a fan, too, if only because I pity that poor little thing!

link57739 adds:  “my cat can do so much better so so much better i will chase him into our basement then he will jump into the ceiling.”  Well maybe you shouldn’t be such a dick to your cat, link57739!  Get a life, I say!


12 Responses to “Jeremiah Christopher is a Bad Man”

  1. W Says:

    The cat seems engaged and invested in the chase. I mean, he does go after the human at one point. Soooo, yeah. I think we all just need to relax.
    I was a little bastard and I used to throw my sisters cats down our three story laundry chute when they’d come into my room. I thought I was being cruel and mean, but I swear those little demons loved it. They started congregating around my door trying to get in. They totally wanted it. It sucked.

  2. Jeremiah Christopher Says:

    I guess you got lazy, and decided to call me a “bad man”.. lol… Aren’t there thousands of videos out there on youtube, where people are ACTUALLY abusing animals? Or kids… Or each other.. Why waste your time on someone like myself, who clearly takes awesome care of his kitty.. 🙂

    Cheers! to whoever you are..

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh for god’s sake, you can see the cat wait for him behind the hallway! He’s enjoying that! You can tell the cat loves that. Why pick on Jeremiah? He loves his cat more than anything!

  4. oldtownfancy Says:

    First of all Jeremiah, I am not lazy, just attentive to the basic needs and instincts of our feline friends. Why don’t you try putting yourself in your poor cat’s shoes and see how you like being chased around the house!? Maybe you should try not having that 12-pack of Budweiser after work that leads to the aggression that you take out on the cat? I like to curl up with a cup of chamomile and tell my kitty how beautiful she is when the day is done…try that for once!

    As for you Elizabeth, how can you condone such so-called kitty care!!?? If you watch the video close enough, you’ll see Jeremiah’s cat isn’t waiting for him…she’s paralyzed with fear! Maybe you should be picking on him and not me!

  5. Dana Hight Says:

    Ok, there are key eliments in this video that proves there is no such abuse. #1- Jaspar is not lashing out with claws. A scared cat defending themselves will take a bite, draw blood and hide WHERE IT IS HARD TO REACH OR GRAB. #2- Jaspar is also flopping down in a manner that is clearly playful. A scared cat pulls back its ears, stays on all four feet and holds tail very still. #3- If Jaspar does not like the way he is being touched, you would clearly see hissing/growls like you would see from any cat in the wild defending. #4- If Jaspar did not like to be chased, why is he chasing back? You see instead of fear, Jaspar is asking for more. So my conclusion is that this person does not play with his cat at all. Or he would be able to tell clearly when a cat is playing and when a cat is scared. So before going and calling someone a “bad man” and “abusive” etc. etc. You should do some research on a cats attitude in play, during hunting, and defensive. I find your claims here are completely backwards from the video presentation. Due to me spelling out the evidence here for you… I bet nobody will see this comment…

  6. Jeremiah Christopher does it again!!! « The Cutest Kitty Flicks on the Web!!! Says:

    […] Christopher does it again!!! Well, after a serious debate over my previous post, Jeremiah Christopher is a Bad Man, today I’m reviewing another one of […]

  7. WendyC Says:

    You have really have to be out of your mind and have nothing better to do than to bad mouth Jeremiah for playing with his cat. Jasper totally lives the “Lush Life” and maybe you should try playing with your “feline friend” once in a while and start surfing the web for real abusers. Go Jer we love your kitty films

  8. Jones girl Says:

    You are the bad man! Shame on you! How dare you comment on people (and relationships) that you know nothing about! I have known Jeremiah for well over 12 years. I have seen first hand the love he has for his beautiful feline friend. He has a connection with his cat that should credit him with being kitty-papa of the year! In fact, if human beings treated each other with as much kindness and understanding, the world would be a much better place. So I say shame on you. In my mind, I can only equate you with our evil-doer President……you assume things without knowing. No WMD’s! No kitty abuse! For shame, for shame Steve Ibsen (and I hope you are not related to the great Henrik Ibsen—if so you bring shame upon that great name!)

  9. Milla Says:

    No one could love more and be more devoted to their Kitty that Jeremiah.
    I have seen them in person and they just love each other.
    It’s so sweet…
    That kitty is treated better and more spoiled than most children.
    He gets the best of everything.
    Jeremiah is a wonderful, sweet and loving person.
    So apologize already!

  10. Pauline Says:

    Oh for goodness sake. HELLOOOOOO Cat and human are PLAYING!!!!!!

    I laughed so hard at both of them. Cats aren’t all about sitting on a cosy chair looking cute. They LOVE to run, and chase. If it was scared it would ATTACK, run away and not come back!!!!!!!
    Yes, Jasper has big black eyes from the excitement of the chase but the rest of his posture is relaxed, ears are forward.

  11. Jeremiah Christopher Says:

    I need no apology from a novice blogger.

    Thank you to all my friends for saying something. Writing things like this that aren’t true, could end up getting a person in trouble. Lies aren’t good, nor legal.

    Jeremiah Christopher

  12. bettyboop Says:

    It seems to me that you are all taking the Cat Call, way to seriously! It seems to me that he is obviously being ridiculously silly and having fun… getting your goats… the whole herd of you. I am sure that we are all good people and the notion that any of this is of great import is simply bizarre and sufficiently engaging that we have all taken the time to comment.. Peace to you all.

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