Dogs Getting Kitty Stars? Only on Cat Call!!!

Three Kitty Stars!!!That’s right, Tanner!  You get three Kitty Stars this week for your courage in the face of cuteness!  Road and Dirt usually offers up rough-and-tumble Motocross videos such as the Gatorback Crash video and Stunts Gone Wild,  but this kitty klip is just as wild, covering the battle between the two kitty sisters!  Submitted January 10, 2007, it’s received 4,270 views as of today! 

 LilyScorp comments:  “That sounded like my mom, long time ago. And my sister and I would stop right away. Good job doggy. That was very cute.”  Huh?  Are you saying your mom’s a dog!?  j/k, LilyScorp!  Thanks for the comment!    

etonks adds:  “Well, that put an end to that foolishness!Funny :)”  Foolishness is right!  Way to go Tanner!!!

misterRDF couldn’t help himself:  “lol cute.”  I’m laughing out loud, too!  Thanks, misterRDF!


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