Otto’s Purr-Purr-Perfect Online Dating Profile!!!

June 5, 2007

Four Kitty Stars!Otto is one lonely kitty “full of love with no place to put it.”  He is also one clever kitty, superimposing images of toy rats on strangers in order to gain the love and affection that all those Manhattan strays long for.  Submitted by BrooklynFeralCat, Otto has two purr-fect video-valentines:  one in English, one in Russian.  Both videos reach out to strangers who might appreciate his feral and unkempt kitty-manners.  Today’s review features Otto’s English version of Valentine For Perfect Strangers, which earns him four kitty stars!  Hopefully he’ll cheer up from the critical acclaim. 

KingBongKundy says:  “it’s a cat-ass trophy.”  Love the pun, KingBongKundy, but try commenting without the profanities next time!!

nothingtodowith comments:  “Otto makes me melancholy. So much love, no where to put it. Come curl up in my lap, Otto, and we will watch Perfect Strangers together.”  Maybe you need your own video-valentine, loser!

tripleh091105 remarks:  “I don’t know what this video means.”  I don’t think tripleh091105 understands anything about the simplicity of cute kitties!!!


“Talk With Tibb” leaves me speechless!!!

April 29, 2007

2 Kitty Stars!!!Talk With Tibb is a cute kitty flick submitted by kenseahorse, whose videos include Tibb in a Bag, Chin Up Tibb, There Are Crickets Chirping, and Cat Cat Cat.  All of her videos feature her beautiful tabby Tibb, that rascal Bosco the Terrier, and/or a nameless black kitty that struts her stuff in Watering Miles.  While all the names of kenseahorses videos are clever, don’t be fooled!!!  At tops these cute kitty flicks deserve 2 Kitty Stars, including today’s review.

Talk With Tibb is cute.  The only reason being:  Tibb is naturally charismatic in front of the camera (heck, all cats are!).  kenseahorse doesn’t seem to have the camera skills or the chitter-chatter down pat enough to earn this vid 3 or even 4 Kitty Stars.  Those are reserved for THE CUTEST KITTY FLICKS ON THE WEB!!!  Here’s what some of the other viewers think:

Sodomatriach comments:  “the cutest thing ever!!!  what breed is it?”  Good question.  It looks like an American Shorthair to me!

coldwarkids91 adds:  “APPEAR!!it will be a little scary at first but its cool!!!”  Huh?  I think you’re in the wrong comment box, coldwarkids91!

hobocouture says:  “that looks exactly like my cat. makes me wonder what ever happened to his brother and sisters… had to give them away… :(”  Yeah, I know how  you feel.  Here at Cat Call!!!  we like to say, if you love your kitties, set them free.

Who is Steve Ibsen?

April 15, 2007

Four Kitty Stars!Kayla loves to dance!!  Steve Ibsen of Washington has received acclaim from folks all over the world who can’t stop shakin’ their paws to the Kitty Cat Dance.  The dancin’ duo gets four Kitty Stars for this adorable tabby who loves to strut her stuff!.  Way to go, Kayla!

 For today’s comments we’re showing bonus cute kitty klips of cat lovers who love Kayla and her “ppuurrraavocative posing.”  As you can see, these fans get four kitty stars for a great effort, but that’s about it (lol!):


Cat lover Stalzz is a youtube user who describes himself as “A goofy guy who is a lonley old fart!”  Here’s his take on Steve Ibsen’s film:


Almostzero is a real kook!  In his version of the dance, he thinks he’s the cat!


Not even I can resist the call of the Kitty Kat Dance!! 


Jeremiah Christopher is a Bad Man

April 8, 2007

One Kitty Star!!!Jeremiah Christopher gets only one Kitty Star for his youtube video, The Katt Chase!!  Not only is he abusing our furry friend Jaspar by chasing him around the house, but he threatens his with scary, raspy panting and bell ringing!  Listen up, Jeremiah, we here at Cat Call!!  don’t feel it’s good entertainment to show us cute kitty flicks at our kitty’s expense.  Listen now and listen good:  LEAVE JASPAR BE!!  YOU’RE BEING MEAN! 

You can find my comment to him on his site.  I will not stand for the abuse of that poor, scared cat.  Here’s what our friends on youtube have to say:

carocatho comments:  “Okay, you got me.. I’m a Jaspar fan now! :):D”  Yeah, I’m a fan, too, if only because I pity that poor little thing!

link57739 adds:  “my cat can do so much better so so much better i will chase him into our basement then he will jump into the ceiling.”  Well maybe you shouldn’t be such a dick to your cat, link57739!  Get a life, I say!

Dogs Getting Kitty Stars? Only on Cat Call!!!

April 1, 2007

Three Kitty Stars!!!That’s right, Tanner!  You get three Kitty Stars this week for your courage in the face of cuteness!  Road and Dirt usually offers up rough-and-tumble Motocross videos such as the Gatorback Crash video and Stunts Gone Wild,  but this kitty klip is just as wild, covering the battle between the two kitty sisters!  Submitted January 10, 2007, it’s received 4,270 views as of today! 

 LilyScorp comments:  “That sounded like my mom, long time ago. And my sister and I would stop right away. Good job doggy. That was very cute.”  Huh?  Are you saying your mom’s a dog!?  j/k, LilyScorp!  Thanks for the comment!    

etonks adds:  “Well, that put an end to that foolishness!Funny :)”  Foolishness is right!  Way to go Tanner!!!

misterRDF couldn’t help himself:  “lol cute.”  I’m laughing out loud, too!  Thanks, misterRDF!

Cat Call’s Debut Entry: Kitten Talk!

March 25, 2007

4 Kitty Stars!!!This kitty-klip definitely deserves four kitty stars.  For Cat Call’s first cute kitty vid please welcome youtube user lilyorchid, who submitted this uber-cute snapshot of her darling kitty Myth taking a stab at chit-chat…does she think she’s a parrot or what!? 

Youtube user igonagi says “I need that kitty!”  True that, igonagi!

FlameDesire remarks: “Aw, that’s so cute!”  Couldn’t agree with you more!

Andreazor comments “Noooo! That’s so cute! I’m dying! XD.”  I totally feel your pain!  What a cutie!

 Keep the footage rolling, lilyorchid!